Combining Cosmetic Surgeries: Is it Safe and Beneficial?

Learn about combining multiple cosmetic surgeries into one procedure - from safety considerations to cost savings - and how to choose an experienced plastic surgeon.

Combining Cosmetic Surgeries: Is it Safe and Beneficial?

Safety is always the top priority when it comes to cosmetic surgery, but many surgeons feel comfortable combining at least two procedures as long as the patient is in good health.

The most common plastic surgery combinations include liposuction and abdominoplasty, rhinoplasty and chin augmentation, and breast augmentation with breast lift.

Combining multiple surgeries can offer benefits to the right candidates, and some procedures are often combined together. It is generally safe to combine several cosmetic procedures in one operation, but it largely depends on the type of procedures and the patient. For example, combining breast augmentation surgery with a facelift will place a heavy burden on the patient, which can result in difficult recovery and less than ideal results.

Another benefit of combining plastic surgery procedures is the reduction in cost for the surgeon and his organization. Undergoing multiple surgeries at once requires a single anaesthetist, a consultation and a hospital bed. This will reduce the total cost for your surgeon and, as a result, could cause the cost of your surgical procedure to decrease slightly. Dr.

Doyle would prefer not to perform operations that lasted more than 6 hours in a single session and, in the case of several surgeries that lasted longer than this time, he would divide them into 2 or more separate procedures. Although surgery time is longer for several procedures, in most cases, extended surgical time does not usually cause additional complications. It's crucial to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon when considering any cosmetic surgery, including combined procedures. Brow lift surgery is a cosmetic procedure performed to raise the eyebrows, which will reduce the amount of apparent skin on the upper eyelids.

Combining a facelift with the upper eyelids (upper blepharoplasty) or a brow lift procedure can also transform the appearance of the upper part of the face. Prolonged operating time can also be extremely tiring for the surgeon, so it is only recommended to undergo lengthy, combined surgery with a highly experienced surgeon. While several procedures allow you to reduce to a single recovery period, the time needed to recover from this surgery may be longer. Butt lift surgery (especially the Brazilian butt lift or BBL) is already a combination of liposuction and butt augmentation.

This combined procedure is also common in people who have lost a lot of weight and is often associated with bariatric surgery or gastric bypass surgery. Similarly, a breast augmentation or reduction procedure could be combined with liposuction or a tummy tuck, since they are in same area of the body. If you have made the final decision to have several procedures, for all of the above reasons - it being cheaper, requiring only one period of anesthesia and one period of recovery - it would be wise to perform several procedures in a single operation. As these surgical combinations listed above treat numerous areas of the face, body, or breasts, the recovery period is crucial to the outcome of the surgery.

However, patient safety requires caution and requires that combined surgeries be included in the same category.